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Welcome to NORWAY – the land of the Vikings, trolls, forests, fjords, mountains, reindeer, moose, elk and stunning nature that is captivating, mesmerising and all but heart-stopping. Welcome to the land of the Aurora Borealis!!

At the onset, let us set the scene – Norway is a large, large country with a small population. Norway has a total area of over 320,000 square kms. 101,000 kilometers of coast line, which as National Geographic points out would circle the world two and a half times if stretched out. More than 200,000 reindeer and 150,000 moose have found their habitat in Norway which has a population of only 5 million people.

So, travel takes time, the roads are narrow and winding, the nature spectacular and the photo opportunities galore. Sit back, relax and let us take you on a journey that will give you memories to cherish for a lifetime…

Thomas and my journey began more than 20 years ago whilst ourselves exploring and enjoying the breath-taking wilderness and nature of our beloved Norway. We have traversed the length and breadth of this magnificent place and she in-turn has given us soul-stirring experiences. From the harsh, outlandish landscape of the mighty Hardanger Vidda high-mountain plateau, to the glaciers, mountains & fjords of the West country and further North the majesty and ruggedness of the Arctic Tundra – this is God’s own country.

Let us at Intrepid Arctic take you on an experience of a lifetime, for us the journey continues..

Thomas & Ingrid


simply send an email to with your wish-list and we will design a BESPOKE, PERSONAL experience for you, your family and your friends.

“Best of Norway” –
Northern Lights, Husky Dogs, Reindeer, Mountains, Fjords & much more….


Itinerary: Regular trips between November and March.
Duration: 8 nights.
Where: Norway
Cost: USD 4,450 per adult
Places Visited: Oslo, Voss, Eidfjord,Hardanger region, Bergen, Tromsø.

 Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights Hunt
 Dog Sledding on the Arctic Tundra
 Reindeer Sledding
 Sami Camp Culture of Arctic  Norway
 Snow-Mobile Adventure
 Night on the Snow – Lavvu-stay under the night sky
 Hardanger Vidda Europe’s highest mountain plateau
 Torch Walk & Campfire Viking Story-telling session
 Snow-Shoe Walk
 Akebrett Sledge Ride
 Star Gazing at Hjølmo Valley
 Rib Boat Fjord Safari Thrill
 Wilderness Trek to 3,000 year-old pre-Viking graves.
 Hardanger Suspension Bridge Photoshoot
 Gourmet dining, tasting local Norwegian produce.

All activities are conducted on the snow, fjords and in the Norwegian wilderness.
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