Attractions & Experiences

Eidfjord is an ideal base for you to begin a variety of scenic adventures.


Enjoy the spectacular and most famous waterfall in Norway, with a free fall of 145m, and a total fall of 182m. Enjoy great views from the Fossli Hotel over a glass of champagne.




Kjeåsen is a mountain farm in Eidfjord in Hordaland. The farm is located on a ledge in the mountains about 530 m high in Simadalsfjorden. The farm is no longer in operation but it is widely visited by tourists. The farm has been called “the world’s most inaccessible.”
Kjeåsen is reachable by foot up the steep path from the Sima power plant. This was the farm road until 1974, when the new road and tunnel to Kjeåsen were built. The name Kjeåsen means young goat and hill. The farm has been inhabited since at least the 1650s. Until the road to the farm was built, all transport went on the steep path from the waterfront. In the 1930s, a cable car was built capable of carrying food and other goods to the farm. The place offers spectacular views and walking trails overlooking Eidfjord.

Simadal Kraftwerk

Sima Power Plant is a hydroelectric plant in Simadalsfjord. Visit one of the largest hydroelectric power stations in Europe! The main hall is located 700 metres inside the mountain. It is 200 m long, 20 m wide and measures 40 m in height.
The 1-hour tour includes a film about the construction of the power station and a guided tour of the main hall.


Hardangervidda Nature Centre


Hardangervidda Nature Centre is a modern and wildly exciting natural and cultural activity center for Norwegian landscape, climate and environment. Live exhibits on 3 floors, an aquarium and interactive stations are available. See the great panoramic movie, produced by Ivo Caprino on 5 large screens. The film captures an exciting journey by helicopter over high mountains, deep valleys, beautiful waterfalls, wild reindeer and pristine glacier. The Souvenir shop is worth a visit.


Hardangervidda is a Norwegian mountain plateau located in the counties of Buskerud, Telemark and Hordaland. It covers an area of ​​approximately 8000 km² and is Northern Europe’s largest mountain plateau. The plateau consists of approximately one billion years old Precambrian bedrock, mainly dominated by hard gneiss and granite. About 600 million years ago the bedrock eroded substantially. Today’s flat landscape of the Hardangervidda is breathtaking during any season of the year. Winter storms can often render the vidda closed and non-crossable.


Måbødalen Agricultural Countryside Museum


Experience a scenery with dramatic contrasts; high mountains and waterfalls. Road-building traditions from the 16th. century up to the present.

Cider Tour

Take a leisurely drive through the windy roads following the fjords through to Ulvik for a “Cider Tour” and walk through the famous apple orchards of the Hardanger region. Cider tasting and an opportunity to shop local items like “Eplemost” a type of traditional apple juice.


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Thomas Edh and Ingrid Joshi look forward to welcoming you to Vik Pensjonat. Thomas is local Norwegian with extensive knowledge of the Norwegian landscape and in particular the Hardanger region having travelled the length and breadth of his native country. Thomas has worked in the service industry for almost a decade. Ingrid is originally from India having lived in Switzerland and Hong Kong and worked in the travel business for 20 years.